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NDIS Certification Pack (Core Modules)

Sale price$2,400.00


The NDIS Certification Pack (Core Modules) includes everything you need to become a NDIS registered provider and provide high-risk supports to participants.  To be eligible to purchase a NDIS Certification Pack, you can select from a combination of both high-risk and low-risk registration groups as listed below.  If any desired registration groups are considered specialised, you will also be required to purchase the relevant Module Pack. If you are wanting to provide low-risk supports to participants, please view our NDIS Verification Pack.

    NDIS Certification Pack (Core Modules) Sale price$2,400.00


    NDIS Policy and Procedure Manual
    Person-Centred Supports Policy and Procedure
    Individual Values and Beliefs Policy and Procedure
    Privacy and Dignity Policy and Procedure
    Independence and Informed-Choice Policy and Procedure
    Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Discrimination Policy and Procedure
    Governance and Operational Management Policy and Procedure
    Risk Management Policy and Procedure
    Financial Management Policy and Procedure
    Quality Management Policy and Procedure
    Information Management Policy and Procedure
    Feedback and Complaints Management Policy and Procedure
    Incident Management Policy and Procedure
    Human Resource Management Policy and Procedure
    Continuity of Supports Policy and Procedure
    Emergency and Disaster Management Policy and Procedure
    Access to Supports Policy and Procedure
    Support Planning Policy and Procedure
    Service Agreements with Participants Policy and Procedure
    Responsive Support Provision Policy and Procedure
    Transitions to or from a Provider Policy and Procedure
    Safe Environment Policy and Procedure
    Participant Money and Property Policy and Procedure
    Management of Medication Policy and Procedure
    Mealtime Management Policy and Procedure
    Management of Waste Policy and Procedure
    Infection Control Policy and Procedure
    Food Preparation Policy and Procedure
    Cleaning Policy and Procedure

    Participant Forms
    Access to Support Letter
    Advocate Nomination Form
    Consent Form
    Eating and Drinking Profile
    Fluid Intake and Output Record
    Food Diary
    High Risk Participant Register
    Home Risk Assessment Form
    Individual Participant Risk Register
    Intake Assessment and Support Plan
    Invoice Template
    Mealtime Management Plan
    Medication Administration Consent Form
    Medication Administration Escalation Form
    Medication Administration Management Plan
    Medication Administration Record
    Medication Administration Risk Register
    Non-Consent Form
    Nutrition and Swallowing Risk Assessment
    Participant Exit Survey
    Emergency and Disaster Management Plan
    Home Environment Cleaning Schedule
    Participant Money and Property Agreement
    Participant Money and Property Record
    Participant Risk Assessment Form
    Personal Details Form
    PRN Medication Administration Form
    Progress Notes Template
    Referral Form
    Risk Indemnity Form
    Safe Food Storage Check Form
    Safe Hygiene Assessment Form
    Service Agreement
    Service Agreement Discharge Letter
    Support Coordination Plan
    Support Review Form
    Telephone Medication Order Form
    Transition/ Exit Form
    Urgent and Non-urgent Health Situation Plan

    Employee Forms
    Bank Details Form
    Code of Conduct Form
    Confidentiality Agreement
    Conflict of Interest Form
    Delegation of Authority Declaration
    Employment Agreement
    Employee Mandatory Training Register
    Employment Register
    Fair Work Information Statement
    Induction Checklist
    Interview Question Guide
    Interview Form
    Manual Handling Risk Assessment
    Offer of Employment Letter
    Performance Development Review Form
    Personal Details Form
    Accounts Manager Position Description
    Administrator Position Description
    Cleaner Position Description
    Disability Support Worker Position Description
    Manager Position Description
    Managing Director Position Description
    Registered Nurse Position Description
    Specialised Support Coordinator Position Description
    Reference Check Form
    Superannuation Standard Choice Form
    TFN Declaration Form
    Termination of Employment Form
    Time Sheet

    Operational Management Forms and Registers
    Assets Register
    Emergency and Disaster Management Plan
    Complaint Acknowledgement Letter
    Complaint Investigation Form
    Complaint Outcome Letter
    Conflict of Interest Register
    COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan
    Delegation of Authority Register
    Document Control Register
    Emergency Drill Report Form
    Feedback, Compliments and Complaints Form
    Feedback, Compliments and Complaints Register
    Hazard Identification Form
    Hazardous Chemical Register
    Incident Form
    Incident Register
    Internal Audit Report
    Internal Audit Schedule
    Internal Audit Template
    Legislative Compliance Register
    Meeting Minutes Template
    Participant Money and Property Register
    Quality and Continuous Improvement Plan
    Quality and Continuous Improvement Register
    Risk Assessed Role Register
    Risk Assessment Form
    Risk Register
    Training Evaluation Form
    Training Record
    Waste Management Register

    Participant Handbook
    Employee Handbook

    Easy-Read Documents
    Feedback, Compliments and Complaints
    Incident Management
    Understanding Your Service Agreement
    Support Workers
    Your Privacy
    Your Rights

    User Manual - A step-by-step guide to assist you to personalise your documentation with your logo and business details
    Access to all mandatory documentation updates for 12 months
    NDIS Commission documentation
    Ongoing Support for 12 months post-purchase

    Applicable Registration Groups

    High-Risk Registration Groups
    102 - Assistance to access and maintain employment or higher education
    106 - Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports
    107 - Assistance with daily personal activities
    115 - Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement
    117 - Development of daily care and life skills
    125 - Participation in community, social and civic activities
    133 - Specialised supported employment; and/or
    136 - Group and centre-based activities

    Low-Risk Registration Groups
    101 - Accommodation/ tenancy assistance
    103 - Assistive products for personal care and safety
    105 - Personal mobility equipment
    108 - Assistance with travel/ transport arrangements
    109 - Vehicle modifications
    111 - Home modifications
    112 - Assistive equipment for recreation
    113 - Vision Equipment
    114 - Community Nursing Care
    116 - Innovative community participation
    119 - Specialised hearing services
    120 - Household tasks
    121 - Interpreting and translating
    122 - Hearing equipment
    123 - Assistive products in household tasks
    124 - Communication and information equipment
    126 - Exercise physiology and personal training
    127 - Management of funding for supports in participant’s plans
    128 - Therapeutic supports
    129 - Specialised driver training
    130 - Assistance animals
    134 - Hearing services
    135 - Custom Prosthetics

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Brock Hill
    NDIS Certification Done-for-You Pack

    Always a pleasant and professional experience engaging with Provider One. Rachel has always exceeded expectations with her knowledge and scope of policy under the NDIS. Would highly recommend to any NDIS Providers seeking to have quality advice, policies and documentation.

    Jose S.
    Certification Do-it-Yourself Pack

    Very impressed with the amount of detail put into the pack and ease of editing. Would recommend to anyone looking at going down the path of becoming a registered provider.

    Abdur Raza
    NDIS Certification Done-for-You Pack

    We are taking Provider One services to get registered for NDIS. Rachel is doing really good job and explain well for every very question we ask to register for NDIS. Highly recommended.

    Libby sullivan
    Certification Done-for-You Pack

    Rachel from Provider One has been brilliant and went above and beyond to help me get through the registration. I couldn't be more happier with the service that was provided and would pass on the details to anyone else looking at getting the process underway with the NDIS