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NDIS Module 1 - High Intensity Daily Personal Activities Pack

Sale price$750.00


The NDIS Module 1 - High Intensity Daily Personal Activities Pack includes everything you need to provide high intensity care to participants in alignment with the registration group 104 - High Intensity Daily Personal Activities. This pack includes all updates to the high intensity skill descriptors made by the NDIS in February 2023.

If you are becoming a NDIS Registered Provider for the first time, the Module 1 Pack must be purchased in conjunction with our NDIS Certification Pack, in alignment with NDIS requirements.  If you are already a NDIS Registered Provider, the NDIS Module 1 Pack can be purchased as a standalone pack.

    NDIS Module 1 - High Intensity Daily Personal Activities Pack Sale price$750.00


    Complex Bowel Care
    Complex Bowel Care Policy and Procedure
    Stoma Care Management Policy and Procedure
    7-Day Bowel Chart
    Bowel Movement Record
    Complex Bowel Care Clinical Training Guidelines
    Complex Bowel Care Plan
    Complex Bowel Care Training Plan
    Complex Bowel Care Training Schedule and Record
    Complex Bowel Management Escalation Form
    Complex Bowel Management Plan
    Complex Bowel Management Risk Register
    Stoma Care Plan
    Voiding and Bowel Record

    Enteral Feeding Tube Management
    Enteral (Naso-Gastric Tube – Jejunum or Duodenum) Feeding and Management Policy and Procedure
    Enteral Feeding and Management Clinical Training Guidelines
    Enteral Feeding and Management Training Schedule and Record
    Enteral Feeding Care Plan
    Enteral Feeding Management Escalation Form
    Enteral Feeding Management Plan
    Enteral Feeding Management Risk Register
    Enteral Feeding Management Training Plan
    Enteral Feeding Tube Monitoring Record

    Severe Dysphagia Care
    Severe Dysphagia Management Policy and Procedure
    Mealtime Management Care Plan
    Severe Dysphagia Consent Form
    Severe Dysphagia Escalation Form
    Severe Dysphagia Management Clinical Training Guidelines
    Severe Dysphagia Management Plan
    Severe Dysphagia Management Risk Register
    Severe Dysphagia Management Training Plan
    Severe Dysphagia Management Training Schedule and Record

    Tracheostomy Care
    Tracheostomy Management Policy and Procedure
    Stoma Care Management Policy and Procedure
    Stoma Care Plan
    Tracheostomy Care Plan
    Tracheostomy Management Clinical Training Guidelines
    Tracheostomy Management Escalation Form
    Tracheostomy Management Plan
    Tracheostomy Management Risk Register
    Tracheostomy Management Training Plan
    Tracheostomy Management Training Schedule and Record
    Tracheostomy Observation Form

    Urinary Catheter Care
    Urinary Catheter Management Policy and Procedure
    Adult Indwelling Urinary Catheter Management Record
    Urinary Catheter Care Plan
    Urinary Catheter Management Clinical Training Guidelines
    Urinary Catheter Management Escalation Form
    Urinary Catheter Management Plan
    Urinary Catheter Management Risk Register
    Urinary Catheter Management Training Schedule and Record
    Urinary Catheters Management Training Plan

    Subcutaneous Injections
    Subcutaneous Injection Policy and Procedure
    Needle Exposure Management Policy and Procedure
    GP Subcutaneous Injections Consent Form
    GP Subcutaneous Injections Phone Consent Form
    Injection Record Form
    Subcutaneous Injection Administration Record
    Subcutaneous Injection Escalation Form
    Subcutaneous Injection Management Plan
    Subcutaneous Injection Management Risk Register
    Subcutaneous Injection Training Schedule and Record
    Subcutaneous Injections Care Plan
    Subcutaneous Injections Clinical Training Guidelines
    Subcutaneous Injections Training Plan

    Medication Administration
    Medication Management Policy and Procedure
    Management of Waste Policy and Procedure
    Annual Administration Competency Assessment Template
    Medication Administration Care Plan
    Medication Administration Chart
    Medication Administration Chart NIMC
    Medication Administration Clinical Training Guidelines
    Medication Administration Consent Form
    Medication Administration Escalation Form
    Medication Administration Management Plan
    Medication Administration Record
    Medication Administration Training Plan
    PRN Intake Checklist
    PRN Medication Administration Chart
    PRN Medication Administration Chart (Stool Softeners)
    PRN Medication Care Plan
    PRN Medication Chart
    PRN Protocols
    Self-Medication Assessment Form
    Training - Medication Calculation
    Witnessing of Self-Administered Medication Record

    Complex Wound Care
    Complex Wound Management Policy and Procedure
    Braden Scale Skin Risk Assessment Tool
    Complex Wound and Pressure Injury Management Care Plan
    Complex Wound Care Training Plan
    Complex Wound Management Clinical Training Guidelines
    Complex Wound Management Escalation Form
    Complex Wound Management Plan
    Complex Wound Management Risk Register
    Complex Wound Management Training Schedule and Record
    Complex Wound Treatment Form
    Pressure Injury Assessment Tool
    Skin Assessment Form
    Waterloo Risk Assessment Chart

    Ventilator Care
    Ventilator Management Policy and Procedure
    Ventilation Management Training Plan
    Ventilation Observation Chart
    Ventilator Management Care Plan
    Ventilator Management Clinical Training Guidelines
    Ventilator Management Escalation Form
    Ventilator Management Plan
    Ventilator Management Risk Register
    Ventilator Management Training Schedule and Record

    Infection Control
    Infection Control Policy and Procedure
    Aseptic Technique Training Plan
    Infection Control Clinical Training Guidelines
    Infection Training Schedule and Record

    Diabetes Care
    Diabetes Management Policy and Procedure
    Daily Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring Chart
    Diabetes Care Plan
    Diabetes Management Plan
    Diabetes Management Record
    Diabetes Management Training Plan
    Diabetes Medication Clinical Training Guidelines
    Insulin Administration Record
    Weekly Blood Glucose Monitoring Chart

    Epilepsy Care
    Seizure Management Policy and Procedure
    Epilepsy and Seizure Support Training Plan
    Seizure Care Plan
    Seizure Management Clinical Training Guidelines
    Seizure Management Plan
    Seizure Record

    Miscellaneous Forms and Registers
    Allied Health Referral Form
    Comprehensive High Intensity Support Assessment Form
    Continence Related Assistive Technology Assessment Template
    Daily Fluid Intake and Output Form
    Daily Food and Fluid Chart
    Daily Food and Fluid Intake Record
    Daily Intake and Output Record
    Dietician Referral (Feeding Prescription)
    Document Control Register
    Fluid Balance Chart
    GP Medication Administration Phone Order Chart
    High Intensity Support Consent Form
    High Intensity Supports Risk Assessment Form
    Individual Risk Profile Assessment Form
    Malnutrition Screening Tool
    Mouth Care Plan
    Nutrition and Swallowing Checklist
    Nutrition Assessment Form
    Oral Care Management Record
    Participant Emergency Assessment Preparation Plan
    Participant High Intensity Consent Form
    Position Description - Registered Nurse
    Progress File Notes
    Risk Assessment Form - Module 1
    Service Agreement
    Staff Training Plan
    Support Plan
    Waste Management Register
    Weight Chart

    User Manual - A step-by-step guide to assist you to personalise your documentation with your logo and business details
    Access to all mandatory documentation updates for 12 months
    NDIS Commission documentation
    Ongoing Support for 12 months post-purchase

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Brock Hill
    Module 1 - High Intensity Daily Support Activities Pack

    Always a pleasant and professional experience engaging with Provider One. Rachel has always exceeded expectations with her knowledge and scope of policy under the NDIS. Would highly recommend to any NDIS Providers seeking to have quality advice, policies and documentation.

    Karin Stanton
    Module 1 - DFY

    We purchased the Module 1 Done-For-You pack as we wanted to add on Module 1 to our current NDIS registration. We worked with Chloe from Provider One who was amazing - she got all of our documentation organised and assisted through the entire audit process. Great service - would highly recommended!

    Louie - Advantage Healthcare Support Nursing Agency
    Module 1 - High Intensity Daily Support Activities Pack

    We cannot speak highly enough about the outstanding service provided by Provider One, particularly, Rachel. Very smooth and invaluable. A huge thank you for the exceptional support. Highly recommended!